Italian style furniture

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    Bring the passion of Italy into your home with our exquisite collection of Italian style furniture. Shop exquisite antiques, reproductions, & modern interpretations. Crafted with elegance & built to last. Insured shipping & expert advice

    40 products

    Key Characteristics Of Italian Style Furniture:

    A Mid Century Italian Bed In The Art Deco Style - La Maison London

    Statement Pieces:

    Forget blending in. Italian furniture loves to be the centre of attention, bursting with bold colours, sculptural silhouettes, and unexpected details that command attention.

    Italian Brass Coffee Table with Fossil Marble - La Maison London

    Opulent Finishes:

    From gleaming metallic accents to hand-finished leathers and rich marble accents, Italian furniture embraces opulence, ensuring every piece feels like a treasure.

    Large Venetian Bed With Original Hand Painted & Gilt Wood Finish - La Maison London

    Timeless Legacy: 

    Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of Renaissance-inspired pieces or the playful sophistication of Mid-century Modern, Italian style offers a spectrum of inspiration, effortlessly transitioning across eras and spaces.