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Rococo Style Furniture

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Key Characteristics Of Rococo Style Furniture:

Rococo Style Hand Carved 4 Poster / Bunk Bed In Gesso White - La Maison London

Curves & Flourishes: 

Straight lines take a backseat to sinuous curves, playful scrolls and flowing forms. Chairs boast serpentine silhouettes, tables twist and turn and every detail seems to burst with a contagious sense of movement and energy.

Large 19th Century Gilt wood Hand Carved Venetian Headboard In Rococo Style - La Maison London

Opulent Finishes:

Rococo Style Furniture revels in a tapestry of textures. Silk damask whispers on chairs, gilded bronze gleams on accents and polished wood takes on a life of its own with intricate carving and marquetry.

Timeless Legacy: 

While rooted in the 18th century, Rococo's playful elegance transcends time. Whether you crave the bold drama of Louis XV or the delicate charm of Louis XVI, this style infuses modern homes with a touch of whimsical sophistication.